Vehicle Rescue & Recovery

Our dedicated team of roadside technicians and Recovery agents are ready around the clock to assist any member of the public that has any problem relating to their vehicle. All of our mechanics are trained to the highest standards with qualifications from the Institute of the Motor Industry as a minimum qualification our aim is getting the vehicle up and running, thereby avoiding the need for recovery.


All of the roadside technicians are fix it at the roadside trained. This includes a variety of simple roadside problems like flat batteries and wheel changes, to more complex repairs and diagnostics. Our team are never more than 30 minutes away, to ensure they arrive with you quickly and efficiently at your time of need!

If Roadside fix if not possible, our fleet of Transporters will get you home safely.


We also offer removal service, using our Damage Free Removal Trucks, for illegally parked Abandoned Vehicles and Forensic lifts, We work for Blue Chip companies on this side of our business, 24/7 keeping their business running by removing the vehicles that our blocking their daily duties.



Notley Park
Raydon Road
Great Wenham
Colchester CO7 6QD


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